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D&C Fence Company has been an industry leader in commercial fencing for over 27 years, dutifully serving the needs of Corpus Christi, TX business owners. We’ve installed commercial fencing for automobile dealerships, apartment complexes, small businesses, warehouses, ranches, restaurants, schools, and more. Whether your business needs a permanent or temporary fence, our highly-experienced team of professionals can help. We'll help determine what type of fencing will work best for your unique needs and budget during a complimentary meeting scheduled when it's most convenient for you. With every commercial fencing installation we do, we use the highest-quality materials and always offer a warranty to ensure you’re happy with your fence for the years to come.
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The Benefits of Commercial Fencing

Commercial fencing offers business owners a wide range of benefits. From security and privacy to curb appeal, traffic control, and solitude, you can decide what benefits of fencing are best for your employees, your clients, and your overall business. From there, the professionals at D&C Fence Company will help you select the best fence for your property. Below, we’ve gone into detail about each of the mentioned benefits that you can reap when you add fencing to your business:

  • Security – Protecting your business is essential. Commercial fencing can not only protect you and your employees but your clients and assets as well. A security fence is your first line of defense against intruders. It can also keep your parking lots safe and secure for your guests and customers.
  • Privacy – If your business requires privacy for its clients, we can help. A custom-made privacy fence can benefit businesses, including law firms and financial planning companies located in high-traffic or residential areas.
  • Curb Appeal – Image is everything in business. A well-crafted commercial fence can help maintain a professional appearance for your customers. Commercial fencing can also hide warehouses and other buildings that aren’t necessarily meant to be attractive.
  • Traffic Control – Eliminate chaos by controlling who comes in and out of your business and at what times. Unauthorized or restricted areas are better controlled with a commercial fence around them.
  • Solitude – Having a fortress of solitude can reduce unnecessary interruptions from solicitors or unwanted guests. A custom-made commercial fence can also help deter trespassers.

Commercial Fencing Installation & Repair Services

Whether your business needs commercial fencing installation services or commercial fencing repair services, the professionals at D&C Fence Company can help. We install custom-made, high-quality commercial fences that will elevate your commercial property's security and curb appeal. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for our clients who need immediate repair assistance. For the best commercial fencing services in Corpus Christi, TX, we hope you’ll choose D&C Fence Company.

Commercial Fencing Products

Commercial fencing is not one-size-fits-all. At D&C Fence Company, we use the best fencing materials to withstand the salty Gulf Coast climate. We also offer the best warranty to ensure your fence endures for the years to come. All our aluminum, vinyl, and PVC fences come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. We take safety seriously, which is why our installation teams are fully insured for your protection. We offer our clients various options based on their unique needs and budget. Our commercial fencing products include:
  • Balcony/Stair Railing – We offer multiple types of railing systems to add safety and security to your commercial property. The two most commonly used railing systems we offer are our corrosive environment are aluminum and vinyl railing. Both provide a beautiful decorative look while maintaining rigidity and strength.

  • Wood Fencing – A wood fence is an excellent choice for both security and privacy. With our wooden fences, there are a vast array of options and customizable styles.

  • Chain Link Fencing – Commercial chain link fencing is possibly the most versatile fence available. It can meet a variety of budgets and tastes while remaining secure. Chain link fencing has an abundance of options for privacy, security, or decorative style.

  • Aluminum Fencing – This type of fencing is an excellent alternative to iron and steel fencing. Get the same look as commercial steel fencing without the high price tag or commitment to maintenance. We offer a variety of styles to meet your unique needs and budget.

  • PVC/Vinyl Fencing – This long-lasting alternative to wood fencing can stand up to hurricane-force winds. Vinyl fencing frees you from traditional maintenance, increases your property value, and is environmentally friendly.

  • Concrete/Brick – Our highly-experienced team can expertly build concrete foundations for walls and columns. These massive foundations help protect your investment and assets. When we build brick columns, they can vary in dimensions, depending on the brick you select.

  • Ornamental Iron – We can custom build and install any style of ornamental iron fencing at your commercial property. From custom decorative fencing to simple iron gates, we install it all.
  • Gates – We can build and install custom-made swing gates, aluminum gates, wood gates, roller gates, cantilever gates, v-track roller gates, and more.

  • Ranch fencing – We have installed countless corral fences using treated pine lumber, ranch wire fencing, game proof fencing, and barbed wire fencing. We have also hung and installed numerous tubular ranch gates, h-bracing, and more.

  • General Repair/Emergency – We repair broken fences, whether you need routine repair or emergency service. As one of the only fencing companies in the area to offer 24-hour service in case of an emergency, we are always prepared to repair your fence.

  • Temporary Fencing – Our temporary fences can keep your construction site secure and offer liability protection. We’ve installed a wide range of customized temporary fencing, including windscreen, privacy slats in chain link fencing, a taller 8' fence, and more.

  • Patio Covers/Pergolas – We can build commercial patio covers and pergolas to extend your outdoor space. Whether the application calls for a shaded structure using treated wood, cedar, or a customized cover using composition materials or vinyl, we can build it.

  • Decks – We can custom build and install any deck for your business. The decks we build are customized to fit your unique needs.

  • Access Control – Access control is a great way to add value and convenience to any gate entrance or exit scenario. We can install swing gate operators and slide gate operators for all types of electric gate systems.

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With over 27 years of industry experience, you can rely on the professionals at D&C Fence Company to install a commercial fencing solution that will enhance the security and curb appeal of your Corpus Christi business. We value integrity, honesty, and commitment. Our professional team offers unparalleled customer service and high-quality fences you and your employees will enjoy. To learn more about our commercial fencing installation services or to schedule your free estimate, contact us today.
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