Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Options

Vinyl Covered Chain Link Fence

This option allows for a custom look that is great for landscape and design, yet still offers privacy. D&C offers many choices on color with the most popular being green, black, and white. You can choose to have all the posts, top rail, and fittings vinyl coated as well. This system is available in all grades of chain link. Make sure to ask about the different grades of vinyl coating as well. The typical light grade vinyl coating is over laid on chain link fabric. For a longer lasting coat, D&C F can upgrade to the fuse bonded vinyl coating.

Vinyl Privacy Slats and Windscreens

D&C Fence offers a wide variety of privacy slats for chain link fencing. We have color charts and samples that will fit almost any application for existing fences or new fences. Chain link privacy slats come in many various styles, from the basic ribbed slat to bottom locking slats. Privacy slats have varying percentages of privacy.  They are available from 75 percent to 90 plus percent.

Windscreen applied to the outside of the chain link fence can be used to help add privacy and slow wind flow. It is generally used at tennis courts and baseball fields but can be used in many other applications. It also comes in many different colors and can have logos or writing applied to the screen.

Chain Link Privacy Slats

Commercial and Industrial Upgrades

Barbed wire

This is a great add on to any commercial or industrial grade chain link fence. Typically, this is added to the top of a new fence being installed but can be added to an existing fence. The standard is to install 3 strands of heavy duty class 3 galvanized barbed wire to the top of the fence using 45 degree barbed arms or vertical barbed arms.

Razor Ribbon

This option is installed for additional security of the property. Razor ribbon comes in many sizes and grades. The ribbon can be added to the bottom or top of a chain linked fence and is installed in circular patterns.

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Razor Ribbon Fencing Installation in Corpus Christi, TX