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D&C Fence can build, fabricate, and install almost any gate desired. D&C Fence has a welding shop and PVC / vinyl fabrication area on site, which offers you the ability to custom design your gate. If you provide the gate applications and dimensions, we would be glad to cater to your needs. Below you will find several descriptions of different types of gates that can be made for both residential and commercial sites. D&C offers a range of styles and several materials such as wood, chain link, aluminum, PVC / vinyl, and ornamental iron.
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Swing Gates

There are many options for swing gates. A typical walk-thru gate is 3-5' wide for pedestrian access. There are single drive swing gates and double drive swing gates. D&C Fence will build any gate, any size. The type of materials used for the construction will depend on the gate opening and size. All chain link and iron gates are of welded construction and built inhouse at the D&C fabrication shop.

Aluminum Gates

Aluminum Gates can be installed in the following applications: swing style, roller, v-track, or cantilever styles. They are built by the manufacturer and typically come with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. These heavy-duty gates vary in style and color and can be viewed in the different brochures we carry.

Wood Gates

Wooden fence gates are generally constructed using a 2x4 cedar frame (not treated pine on just gate frames due to warping) with pickets attached. A basic wood walk gate uses 4x6 treated heavy duty gate posts set 36" deep in concrete footings using black powder-coated decorative hardware. At 10' wide, double drive gates will use 6x6 treated gate posts set 36" deep in concrete foundations. We are the only fence company that builds and installs gates in this manner. For wood gates that are larger than a 10', we like to offer a galvanized metal frame with wood pickets attached for strength and longevity.

Roller Gates

Chain link, Wrought Iron, Wood, and Aluminum roller gates can vary in length and size. They can be custom-built to fit just about any height or length requested. Rolling gates are designed to ingress and egress into existing fences. These gates roll on two horizontal 1 5/8" sch 40 pipes attached to existing or new fence posts installed with heavy-duty brackets. Two rear roller wheels attach to the actual gate and sit on horizontal rails to support the rear of the gate for tracking and rolling purposes. On the front ground end of a roller gate, there are gate ground rollers that vary in grade and size. A typical roll gate has 6" to 8" solid rubber ground wheels for use on asphalt or concrete surfaces. If the terrain is rough, on caliches, limestone, or grass, air-filled tire ground rollers are suggested. In industrial cases, D&C will use heavy-duty air-filled tires filled with foam to make them flat free.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are an excellent choice. They are a type of roller gate that the surrounding terrain/ground is irrelevant as to how the gate rolls and performs. This gate has no ground rollers, and none of the gate touches the ground. These gates are built 1.5 times bigger than the desired opening. The gate is supported and hung off 4" sch 40 heavy-duty posts with four cantilever rollers. The tail of the cantilever gate is designed in an x-welded section. This helps with balance when in the closed position. D&C offers heavy-duty gates with nylon cantilever rollers to allow for a smoother transition. If cost is an issue, we can use steel cantilever rollers that are hot-dipped galvanized. In general, cantilever gates are used in commercial and industrial applications and can be added with an operator to have an automatic gate.

V-Track Roller Gates

V-track roller gates are a long-lasting, less maintenance style rolling gate. This type of gate is used with a gate operator and access controls. Rolling gates can be built using almost any material we offer; chain link, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, and wood privacy. V-track gates use a galvanized frame with the desired style of fencing material attached. A good surface of asphalt or concrete is necessary to mount the angle iron into the ground. Once the v-track is mounted in the ingress and egress positions, two heavy-duty stainless steel ball-bearing rollers are installed on the bottom at each end of the new gate frame. To support the top and  keep the gate on track, we install rubber roller guides. The advantage is the gate is almost fully supported by the ground rollers removing the pressure from the posts. These gates are the smoothest rolling gates available.

Please call us at (361)-289-8277 for a free quote or consultation on what products would be best for your project. We install custom gates at residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Whatever your needs, we can help!

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