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Ranch Fencing Installation in Corpus Christi, TX

Your Farm & Ranch Fencing Experts at D&C Fence

D&C Fence Company has built farm and ranch fences for more than 28 years, and our team can create just about any ranch fencing desired. We specialize in farm and ranch fencing throughout the Corpus Christi, TX area. Our team has installed countless fences using ranch wire fences, treated pine lumber, game proof fencing, barbed wire fences, H-bracing, hung and installed numerous tubular ranch gates, and more. We install ranch gates and ranch fences across Texas for residential, commercial, and oil and gas companies. We can accommodate your needs no matter the size or type of fencing that you require. Get in touch with us today to schedule ranch fencing installation or get your free estimate.

Multiple Types of Ranch & Farm Fences Available

D&C Fence Company specializes in ranch and farm fences of all types and sizes. Certain types of fences are better for cattle and other livestock. Whether your goal is to create corrals or add fencing to your pastures or fields, our team can help you through every step of the process. We provide ranch fencing consultations, installation, repairs, maintenance, and more. Our ranch fencing contractors will make sure your fence is horse high and hog tight. Choose from the following types of ranch fencing ideas:

  • Pole & Rail Fence – Whether you prefer a more rustic look or are working in an area that doesn’t support a wire fence, wood pole or rail fencing maybe your best solution. Our team installs wood fences that can give your home a ranch and farm feel. We can install a jack-pole fence for swampy terrain that doesn’t support study posts.

  • Wire Fence – Choose from smooth wire, barbed wire, or hog wire fencing. Wire fencing can keep your livestock in a contained area. Our fencing experts can re-purpose your old fencing materials as well. We install tight, high-quality fences that will provide an effective barrier for your animals.

  • Electric Fence – This option is often used for large areas containing livestock. Electric fences can be temporary and can use various types of fence chargers, even if they are far from a power source. The task of taking down and putting up electric fences can be difficult, so leave it to our experts.

  • Corrals – Don’t get frustrated working cattle. Our ranch fencing experts can build sturdy corrals with wood or pipe. Steel corrals can also be welded if you need something sturdier that will stand the test of time. Each of our corrals can be customized based on your needs.

  • Treated Split Rail – This economical solution is popular and iconic. Treated split rail fencing can add a rustic touch to your farm or ranch in Corpus Christi.

  • Round Rail – For a secure and sturdy fence, you will do well to consider a round rail. Known for its unique fastening technique, round rail can give your farm or ranch an added level of durability and offer a unique and symmetrical look.

  • Diamond Rail – A shifting of the position of rails creates a diamond-shaped look, giving your farm or ranch an attractive and elegant fencing solution. This unique alternative to traditional post and rail fencing is becoming more popular throughout Texas.

  • Board Rail – Offering a similar aesthetic as round rail fencing, board rail features planks rather than rounded posts and rails. For a classic look for your large or small farm or ranch, board rail fences can be used in multiple types of outdoor environments.

  • Rail with Wire – For the look and feel of post and rail fences with added security, go with a rail fence with wire. Wire enhancements and inserts are added to the pre-existing post and rail fences to contain livestock at your farm or ranch without breaking the bank.

The Benefits of Ranch & Farm Fencing

D&C Fence Company proudly installs ranch and farm fencing for residential places or commercial property in Corpus Christi, TX. We use the best ranch fencing materials and ranch fencing supplies. If you own a farm or ranch, you know how important it is to keep livestock in and pests out. Our team installs posts, rails, garden enclosures, and more. We will visit your property and help you choose the perfect fence. Our fencing systems integrate seamlessly with your property. We work with your budget and create custom fencing based on your unique needs. Our fencing solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Preventing your livestock from wandering into other yards or roads
  • Keeping pests and predators away
  • Protecting your livestock from water areas
  • Adding privacy to your farm or ranch
  • Keeping your livestock out of crop or garden areas

Why Choose D&C for Your Fencing Needs

While some ranchers or farmers prefer to do it themselves, D&C Fence Company excels at installing and repairing all types of fences. Our team is equipped and ready to install any cattle guard needs you may require for your property. We install cattle panel fences, field fencing, horse wire fence, and ranch rail fence. We can use green t-posts, galvanized t-posts, cedar posts, treated posts, and heavy-duty steel posts. D&C Fence Company will fabricate any pipe fence or welded pipe fence needed. Please allow us the pleasure of sending you a proposal on your next residential or commercial ranch fencing project.

Please contact us for a free quote or to learn more about your ranch fencing cost.

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