Patio Covers and Pergolas in Corpus Christi, TX

Does Your Patio Need an Upgrade?

Are you looking to update or upgrade your patio area on your residential or commercial property? Consider working with D&C Fence Co to have us design and build a patio cover or pergola. Both are great options for boosting your outdoor aesthetics and can add significant value when it comes time for reselling. Our team of experts has been helping home and business owners since 1993 with completely customizing their back or front yard with wood, composition materials, and vinyl patio covers and pergolas. Reach out to our staff today to schedule your consultation. Our design team cannot wait to hear your ideas or help by starting from scratch.
Wood patio cover
Wood patio cover

Pergolas From the Pros

A pergola is an excellent addition to your already stellar backyard. If you are into entertaining friends and want to up your oasis's aesthetic value, then D&C Fence Co has the perfect option for you. The great thing about choosing a pergola is the amount of customization available. Begin with materials such as cedar, pressure-treated wood, and vinyl, and then work with our design professionals to develop a unique shape or work with a pre-existing kit to achieve your desired look. These features bring light shade, allowing you to enjoy those long afternoons even longer. We install them on top of your existing deck or patio to enhance your outdoor experience and bring intrigue to your visitors or customers.

When to Not to Build a Pergola

Sometimes we come across patios and decks unsuited for pergolas, and we will let you know in the initial consultation if it will work or not. Our experts have been designing, building, and installing these options. We help you take all views, shades, attachments, and more into consideration when adding a pergola. Below are some of the reasons you should not install a pergola:

Small Spaces: Narrow and crowded spaces can be made to feel even more compact with the addition of a pergola. It can also make them feel dark, which isn't good when you're trying to sunbathe or grow a garden underneath it.

Window Placement: If you love receiving natural sunlight through your windows, placing a pergola right outside of them is not the best idea. They will block and shade these rooms, potentially making them feel smaller and dark.

Low Roofline: When looking to add a pergola to your patio, the roofline may be too low for a proper attachment. We may suggest installing it a bit further into the landscape to help you achieve the desired aesthetic.

Compliment Your Patio Covering or Pergola With Fencing

Enhance the outdoor experience even further by adding exceptional fencing options to your new patio cover or pergola from D&C Fence Co. We complete your look by professionally installing fencing from the industry’s best materials to keep your family and customers safe. We have installed the following types of fences but are happy to customize your space to exceed expectations:

D&C Fence Co is Your Patio Upgrade Team in Corpus Christi!

Once you have decided to add a new patio cover or pergola, reach out to the team who has helped Corpus Christi, TX home and business owners for almost 30 years. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to get the job done right the first time. From your initial consultation until we drive the final screw, we stay by your side. Trust us to help build your wildest dreams from your outdoor experience.