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Wood Decks
D&C has constructed and built wooden decks for years. We take a lot of pride in our construction and design of our wood decks and feel it is definitely a great strength of ours. We build our custom wood decks from start to finish, setting piers and layouts, to framing and finishing. Most typical decks we build are using 2x6 treated underlayment as well as 2x6 surfaces. We always use treated pine lumber on outdoor decks in order to with stand the elements. Deck boards can be screwed down or nailed down depending on customer request. Supports pier posts can be of all different sizes depending on the deck application and height.

Composition and Vinyl Decks
These types of decks are built in much of the same manner as the standard wood decks however what changes most of all is the surface. We go from using the standard 2x6 treated wood surface to either composition deck boards or vinyl decking. These are a more costly product yet give a beautiful finished look and add many, many, years of longevity. We carry and can install almost any manufacturer of decking materials.
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