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Concrete wall foundations and piers for columns
D&C has been building concrete foundations for walls and columns for 16 years. We feel this is definitely our competitive advantage and greatest strength. We have our own professional crews that do outstanding workmanship cutting no corners and getting the job done right. We have yet to date ever had one of our foundations or piers fail. We dig typically for walls a 12" wide x 24" deep trench and fill with rebar with piers placed anywhere from every 10' or so depending on wall. We pour 3500 psi concrete and frame nicely for a nice finish. We leave rebar extend up for wall installation for strength. On our columns piers we typically did a pier the same depth as the height of the column. For a 6' column a typical pier is 18" diameter by 60" deep fill with a heavy duty rebar cage and poured. These make for massive foundations thus protecting your investment and asset.

Stucco Walls and Stucco Columns
Stucco can get a little tricky in south Texas for several reasons. We have installed stucco walls and columns for years. There are many ways to bid and install these types of walls and columns and the biggest challenge when bidding this type of work is making sure you know what you are getting and that it will work and fit your application. What we see most is wood framed columns and walls built here that are then foam covered and stucco. This works and sometimes will get a decent result and we have built a few of these. However, what we take the most pride in and always recommend is allowing D&C to install stucco columns and install stucco walls using heavy duty cinder block walls and columns fastened and filled with rebar and concrete attached to a solid foundation. Once this is built we apply the stucco to the cinder block and it makes for a much healthier look and certainly much stronger and longer lasting product. The biggest reason the wood option is typically accepted is because the cost is so much less, however we strongly feel it is well worth the money to do it right.

Brick Walls and Brick Columns
D&C can build brick walls and columns of almost any type. Typically a customer will give us the style of brick desired, the height of column or wall, the quantity and length as well. Once we have information needed we can bid and price. We can build concrete caps, use brick standard caps on columns, soldier style, etc. When we build brick columns, they will vary in dimensions depending on the brick chosen. We build 13" x 13" columns all the way to 24" x 24" for big grand entrances up to 12' tall if desired. We can customize and build over the drive entrance custom signage connecting two large columns. When constructing the walls we can make the width 6" to 12" or whatever is desired.
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