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Balcony Railings/Stair Railings

This is a huge part of D&C Fence Company's business. We have been installing railing for over 15 years and take great pride in our products offered as well as our unbeaten installation standards. D&C offers many options to railing systems desired. The top two railing systems we offer and most commonly used here in our corrosive environment is aluminum and vinyl railing systems. Both of these products offer a beautiful decorative look while maintaining the rigidity and strength required for railing. All D&C railing sold pass State and Federal Code requirements to help protect the liability of our customers. Standard railing for most all applications come 42" tall to meet codes, do not allow more the a 4" gap anywhere and come only 2" off surface mounted to. Stair railings are typically 36" tall. D&C will acquire any permits needed for installation. There are many alternatives to these two styles but none offer the great warranties and look of these two.

Other railing styles
Ornamental Iron, wood, wire mesh, cable systems, glass railing (this is a very nice option - all aluminum frame work with glass panels).

Please call us for a free quote on railing or feel free to consult us on your needs. We can install stair railings and balcony railings for residential houses to condominiums to apartment complexes. Whatever your need we can help you.
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