Access Control
  1. What is needed for me to get a phone quote from D & C?

    We will need the linear footage of the new fence to be installed along with the height, all gate dimensions and quantities, type of materials desiring, and location of project as well as knowing where the fence will be installed and on what surface (dirt, thru asphalt or cement, rock, ect) Most of the time with this information D & C can provide a fairly accurate estimate.

  2. What holds up the best in this climate?

    The best materials to use for fencing here in our salty climate is definitely vinyl or aluminum. When you are looking for an ornamental look, we would definitely recommend aluminum which comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Maybe you're looking for privacy or picket style or even 3 rail corral fencing. Country Estate Vinyl products takes care of all these categories and much more and comes with a 50 year non pro rated warranty, that is best of all, transferable. No other vinyl manufacturer in the business comes with this good of warranty. Many offer a non transferrable lifetime warranty, the key being non transferrable, you sale the house, the warranty expires. Not true with Country Estate vinyl fencing.

  3. Do I have to put down a deposit?

    A 50% down payment is generally required to begin your fence project and for custom orders. Down payments may be waived for certain projects and typically no down payment is required for commercial or industrial projects, unless otherwise specified in our contract.

  4. What is your warranty?

    D & C Fence Company offers the BEST warranty compared with our competitors in most cases.

    Our Warranty: Guaranteed to be free from defects in material or workmanship for four years of completion including weather for the first year not including natural disasters. D&C Fence cannot warrant wood products that may over time warp, split, or shrink. This is a natural characteristic of some woods that the Contractor has no control over.

    Aluminum and Vinyl/PVC fence comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

    Gate operators come with a manufacturer's warranty plus D & C Fence will warranty labor for one year.
    • Aluminum Fence comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty
    • Country Estate Vinyl Fence comes with a manufacturer's 50 year non pro-rated warranty
    • D & C gives a standard one year warranty on all materials and labor installed by D & C per contract bid given
    • Gate operator and access control warranties vary per manufacturer and will be supplied per bid basis

  5. Is your company insured/bonded?

    D & C is fully insured for your protection and carries workers compensation insurance and exceeds most general liability insurance requirements with the ability to be bonded as needed. We take your protection seriously!

  6. When will my project be scheduled?

    Scheduling can differ depending on the current workload, size of your project, weather conditions and if the project is a custom order. D&C makes every effort to schedule your project and complete on a timely basis and within the agreed contractors project start and finish timelines.

  7. What are the different grades of lumber and what does it look like?

    Lumber Glossary

    Many factors determine the grade of a piece of lumber including *Bark on edges *Machining defects *Species *Number, size, and position of knots and holes *Decay *Bowing, warping, and twisting

    The U.S. Department of Commerce establishes the rules for grading. The rules are maintained by the American Lumber Standards Committee (United States). These standards are enforced by regional organizations such as (Western Wood Products Association, Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, California Inspection Service, and others).

    FAS, which was years ago short-hand for the grade of "First and Seconds" is the highest grade of hardwood lumber. Most FAS lumber is exported rather than cut in the U.S. as its value, kiln-dried, is often quite expensive.

    FAS 1-Face is a select piece of lumber that is 6 inches and wider

    Select is a No. 1 Common piece of lumber (the poorer side grades No. 1 Common) and the reverse side (the better side) grades FAS. The price of Selects and 1-Face is usually the same as FAS. Much of this grade is also exported, but if exceptionally long, wide, and clear on both faces, cuttings are required, then Select lumber is often used. Often, Select grade lumber is used in the Northern U.S., while 1-Face is used in the South.

    * No. 1 is the standard furniture grade lumber, and provides a good selection of long, medium length, and short cuttings at a reasonable price.
    * No. 2 has become the standard grade for cabinets, millwork, and other uses requiring medium to short cuttings. Often current prices favor using No. 2 Common instead of No. 1 common for furniture. Stain and other sound defects are admitted in the clear cuttings. It is an excellent paint grade
    * No. 3 is widely used for flooring and pallets, basis of sound cuttings rather than clear cuttings. It is widely used for pallets and crating

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